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Live your Dream Awards Delivered

Even though we had to cancel our Live Your Dream Awards Ceremony, we are pleased to announce that we have delivered awards to our winners.  We'll have photos and videos of those encounters - which were conducted using safe social distancing - shortly.
We are pleased to announce that this year we gave out our biggest award amount ever! 
We are eager for you to meet our amazing winners, and look forward to rescheduling the ceremony when conditions permit. Thank you for your continued support of Soroptimist Desert Tucson and Live Your Dream 

Meet our 2019-2020
Live Your Dream Award Winners

We are proud to honor these strong, determined, and amazing women. Each of them has overcome many odds to pursue her education while supporting her family as a single mom. They represent the very best in achievement and we are so happy to present them as our winners. Our very best wishes go to all of these deserving women as they make their dreams a reality


Blanca Castro
Club Award Winner
Courtney Whitley
Gale Gage Award 
Claudia Coronado
Award Winner
Kristy Snowden
Award Winner